Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to getting conventional automobile financing, to say that everything may seem intimidating is an understatement.


But not in our case. Not only did we streamline and simplify the process for you our clients, we also created a comprehensive guide below that will help you through every step of the way

“Do you offer the cheapest car loan in Singapore?”

Here at Accord, our offer is more than just competitive rates. We offer full range of automotive related services all under one roof. Ranging from insurance to maintenance workshop. Standing out from the rest, our transparent on-the-spot COE renewal process gives our clients a peace of mind.

How to Apply for a Loan

Compared to the complex process instituted by other firms, the procedure of getting a loan with us is relatively easy. Here’s how:

  • Give us a call. You will be guided by a consultant from our team of experts starting at this stage. You will then be given a list of requirements you will need to furnish.
  • Submit all needed requirements and documentation, as well as a completed application form. You will be notified of the qualifying results within 24 hours.
  • Wait for our team to finish processing your application. Expect feedback from us within a week.

What is the interest rate for loans?

The interest rate varies depending on the type of loan. In order to get accurate quotations, get in touch with our expert team of consultants at our hotline: 9321 9933

I’m missing a few qualifications. Can I still avail of the loan? 

Yes you may. In the event that a client does not meet some of the necessary qualifications, he may still apply for a loan, provided he has a guarantor.

Who can Avail the Loan

Provided they have all the necessary documentation and requirements needed, any citizen over the age of 21 is eligible for the loan.

Am I still required to go to the LTA to renew my COE?

No. We provide an all-in-one service which means aside from turning in the necessary documents, you don’t have to do any legwork.

What is the Minimum Amount I can Loan?

You can loan a minimum amount of 10,000 SGD.

What is the maximum amount I can loan?

Based on the Prevailing Quota Premium or PQP, one can avail of a 100% loan from us.

I have already completed and submitted my application and requirements. How long will I have to wait for it to be processed?

Loan application reviews are done within 24 hours. If approved, your loan will be released to you within one week or seven (7) working days.

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